Mar 18, 2017

Ghost Stories 01: The Concrete Ghost

Blog posts titled Ghost Stories are posts containing news about the Spectre in media.  

Hey there Ghostly Guardian fans! Will, here - welcome to the first official Ghost Stories post. 1980's horror comic superfan band The Night Stalker released an EP recently that contains the song The Concrete Ghost. Even if the band hadn't said as much, it isn't hard to tell that the song was written about The Spectre. While we (mainly I) dig into some of the Spectre comics of yesteryear, I thought taking the time to listen to this lyric video about The Concrete Ghost would be a great way to begin our Ghost Stories posts.

I love this entire song. I love the melodic intro and I especially love the first verse: "Voice of god, bargain above. Become his vengeance, in the name of love. Find her killers, show them his hand. Trade her life for the sins of man."

The chorus to this song is catchy and hard not to hum, but that first verse has the words that really stick with me throughout the day. I think they help shape what you can expect from The Spectre in almost every iteration, especially the latest ones (which I am more familiar with as of this post). Even without the "beg forgiveness...God is laughing as you die" portion that follows this verse, you absolutely get a subtle sense that The Spectre isn't here to play games. That's one of the things I love most about this character and I guess that's why I love that particular part of the song.

Give it a listen!

William Dickstein

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